Flexipol is BRC / IOP ISO 9001 - Quality Management ISO 14001 - Environmental Management ISO 18001 - Health & Safety ISO 27001 - Information Security accredited

Vacuum Pouch offers the following benefits:

Flexipol's® unique Flexi-bar allows the vacuum process of removing air from inside the bag to take place so that a vacuum is created. The sealing process is then initiated so that air cannot re-enter. The vacuum means the food tastes fresher and lasts longer then the food stored in conventional flexible bags because the food is not devoid of moisture and contains no potentially lurking pathogens.

Flexi-bar material and the vacuum process eliminates oxidation by stopping the flow of oxygen into the bag which causes deterioration in the food product. Eliminate oxygen and you eliminate oxidation.

Insect infestation occurs because microscopic sized eggs or larvae is present in the packaging when purchased or because the insects infiltrated the packages during storage. Vacuum packing eliminates the problem by removing the air from the interior of the bag and protecting the food with the air tight barrier and airtight seal. Insects, like all living organisms require air for life. When the air is removed from the environment which we store food, insects cannot survive. The protective air-barrier keeps the aroma inside the bag, so insects cannot recognise it as food.

Vacuum Pouch product photos:

Vacuum Pouch  - Click to EnlargeVacuum Pouch  - Click to Enlarge